DNA Diagnostics

The best and fastest diagnostic test tools imaginable for food and animal safety.

Food safety – your criteria for success in meat markets:

Food safety, quality and animal welfare are critical export factors, and qualifiers for long-term success in porcine export markets. Both farmers and meat processors share the responsibility for maintaining these criteria. The ability to identify common infections like enteritis or pathogens like Salmonella are crucial for increased food safety, yield and animal welfare. But there is a challenge: Traditional analysis may take up to 4 days. Time and accurate diagnostics with specific targets are therefore of the essence for prevention and in treatments.

How DNA Diagnostic can help you:

Accurate and fast diagnostic tools are DNA Diagnostic’s specialty. The DNA Diagnostic test kits are designed to screen at multiple levels in the production process from environmental samples and faeces swabs at the farm, to raw meat and ready-to-eat products at the processing plant. Our tests are based on advanced polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.

Quality products with less hold time increases productivity

DNA Diagnostic A/S developed fast DNA extractions and qPCR detection of the 4 bacteria linked to swine diarrhea, as well as the fastest certified method on the market for detection of Salmonella in foods. By using these test kits, you will rapidly identify the cause of Salmonella in only 5.5 hours (sample to result). This means farmers and meat processors can take correct action and secure high-quality products with less hold-time in the production and storages. Prompt enteritis control leads to lower morbidity and/or mortality, enabling farmers to increase productivity and economy.

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