Daltec A/S

Daltec A/S is a manufacturer specialized in dry-feeding equipment for the pork- and salmon sector. Our more than 40 years of experience makes Daltec a competent provider of dry-feed technology with focus on reliable, efficient and user-friendly solutions. With components produced in Denmark, we ensure the well-known Danish quality to our clients and dealers in different countries.

We provide solutions based on our own components that we develop ourselves. This includes mechanical components as well as control units and software. Our solutions span from basic to more advanced systems:

Filling systems: Filling systems for one type of feed are basic feeding systems and easy to operate. These systems can be equipped with simple and robust feed drops for piglets and finishers. For sows, they are equipped with the EasyFeed or Daltec’s round feed dispensers. With the round dispensers, you get all the way down to a 0.25L minimum dosing quantity. This is an advantage in farrowing building.

Parallel-line systems:

A parallel-line system is use for multiple feed mixtures. One system per feed type gives an extremely simple operation. Feed drops in different colours makes it easier to keep track of the individual lines in even large systems. The system requires only a minimum of explanation and training of employees and the simple controller reduces the risk of human error.

Phase feeding systems: With a phase-feeding system up to three 3 types of feed can be fed with a single feedline. This allows a simple and space-saving feedline with the advantage of being able to feed different types of feed. Selected the desired feed on the individual outlets without the need to change the settings on the control unit for the system.

Sensor controlled Multiphase Portion systems: Portion-based feeding means that the system can adapt the feeding to the requirements of individual pen. Simpler said is dry-feeding now targeted the needs of the individual pen and still with only 1 feed line. The system can take into account differences in the growth and weight and show any irregularities in the appetite of the animals. Optimized feeding ensures sustainability together with good economy and animal welfare.

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