FBK has been developing and manufacturing cleaning articles since 1887. Our products are made in 11 different colors and it has hygienic and ergonomic design, they are also made of food grade raw materials. Color coding helps to avoid wasted production costs, product recalls, your brand reputation.

The articles are made for food safety, helping to prevent cross contamination, allergen management, process improvement and for international standards as FDA, BRC and Food Defense. The FBK product range includes sweepers, deck scrubs, squeegees, handles, brushes, shovels, scrapers, hand scoops, and some special ranges as detectable items.

FBK is present in more than 80 countries supplying cleaning articles for the most important companies of food processing in the world In Brazil, FBK is present since 2014. Some of our customers are BRF, JBS, Ambev Grupo Petrópolis Nestlé, Mondelez, Bunge and many others. Quality is really important for the food market, so, FBK articles will help you to improve food processing and sanitation of the industries.

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